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Nova Slicer

Nova Slicer

Nova Slicer

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Nova Slicer

The Slicer is patented, German designed and made from a high quality stainless steel. It has 8 super sharp, precise, stainless steel blades, which makes it the quickest in the world. Designed perfectly to make tasks easier and quicker in your kitchen. Whether you are a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, the slicer has been designed with you in mind.

How to use your Slicer?

If you are wanting to slice something small then put your vegetable/fruit on the safety guard, if not then hold it with your fingers far away from the blades. Run your food over the blades and let the slicer do the hard work. You will find evenly sliced food every time!

What can I use my Slicer for?

Perfect for your cheese, cabbage, cucumber, aubergine, courgettes, leeks, peppers, radishes, onions, potatoes and much more!

How was it created? 

it started with just the one blade but was soon discovered that more is better. Four blades going one way, four coming back to you which makes slicing 8 times faster! With cerated blades that are extremely sharp, it can slice through even the most stubborn vegetables!

Made from high quality Stainless Steel with a rubber anti-slip top for safe usability whilst slicing.

Cleaning has never been easier, as it is dishwasher safe. Just take the attachment off and put all of it in the dishwasher and away you go!

The blades are incredibly sharp, so please be careful whilst using your slicer and make sure to always use your safety guard. 

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